Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Aviation Cyber Security, Industrial Control Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

How secure are aviation flight systems and passenger data? What actionable steps can airline executives take to position themselves to be prepared for the evolving threat landscape?
How can we better secure asset information, manage data, increase efficiencies, collaboration and competitiveness when software is inherently vulnerable?
Join us November 21/22 in London England as the Cyber Senate address key challenges facing the aviation sector in a two-day in-depth engagement with industry leaders, including interactive panel sessions on Supply Chain and IOT Risk, Safety and Cyber Security Integration, Building a Culture of Awareness, Gaining C Level Buy-In, Public and Private Information Sharing and more.

Today we welcome Peter Cooper, Independent cyber security advisor, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council Cyber Statecraft Initiative, who will join us discussing:
Cyber Security – Perception or Inception?
  • Why perceptions are critical in aviation cyber security?
  • Defender and adversary perceptions?
  • What are we defending, what are they attacking?
  • Using this knowledge for better strategy and more accurate risk management

Aviation Cyber Security Summit

London United Kingdom
November 21/22
Marriott Regents Park Hotel
Headline Sponsors Airbus and SITA
Co-Sponsors Unisys
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Airlines, Airports and Aviation Asset Owners are FREE

Interests in our shows? Contact marketing@cybersenate.com or Daryl.Fig@cybersenate.com

Thought Leaders confirmed:
  • Chris Blask, U.S ICS ISAC, UNISYS, Director Industrial Control Security
  • Kevin Borley, Bristol Airport, Head of IT and Innovation    
  • Anson Fong, Los Angeles World Airports,Chief Information Security Officer 
  • Mike Heath, Calgary Airport Authority, Information Security Lead
  • Deb Helton, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Emergency Management Administrator    
  • Dr Paul Hunton, Hunton Woods Limited, Digital Forensics Expert
  • Chris Johnson, University of Glasgow, Head of Computing    
  • Phil Jones, Airbus, Chief Operating Officer    
  • Jonas Jorgensen, Copenhagen Airports, IT Director    
  • Ladislav Ka┼ípar, Czech Airlines, j.s.c., Head of Security and Emergency Response Planning    
  • Filippos Komninos, Athens International Airport S.A, Information Security Specialist    
  • Francesco Di Maio, ENAV, Head, Security Department
  • Rossella Mattioli, ENISA, Officer in Network and Information Security
  • John Hird, Eurocontrol, ATM Security Specialist Directorate ATM, CMC/SEC 
  • Gerry Ngu, CERT-EU/ EASA, Cybersecurity in Aviation Officer
  • Cecil Pineda, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Assistant Vice President, Technology Security Information Technology Services    
  • Fazle R Quasha, Fort McMurray Airport Authority, Manager Information Technologies    
  • Matt Shreeve, Helios, Principal Consultant
  • Peter Williams, Manchester Airports Group (MAG), Chief Information Security Officer    
  • Peter Cooper, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Brent Scowcroft Centre on International Security, Atlantic Council

    Who attends?
    Delegates will be made up of key security decision makers from airports and airlines around the world. The purpose of the summit is to collaborate, share information and devise a common strategy to tackle cyber threats. We will be addressing key issues such as supply chain and third party risk, incident response, integrating of cyber security and safety, IT and OT convergence, security operations centers, and much more.

    The Cyber Senate is a network and information provider and we host events that offer guidance on pressing cybersecurity issues across key smart infrastructure sectors such as Energy, Healthcare, Utilities, and Transport, to further progress public and private cybersecurity information sharing.

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