Monday, 15 August 2016

ICS-CERT assessments uncovered 638 weaknesses in FY 2015 for Critical National Infrastructure cyber vulnerabilities

"As the cyber-threat landscape continues to evolve, control systems and their underlying architecture must be secured to withstand cyber attacks. It is important that organizations conduct both risk and vulnerability assessments for the systems that drive the critical automation and processes that support our Nation’s CI.
ICS-CERT assessments uncovered 638 weaknesses in FY 2015. The top six areas of weakness accounted for approximately 36 percent of all weaknesses identified in FY 2015 assessments"
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The Cyber Senate will be hosting it's 3rd annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Conference in London and Sacramento 2016. We are privileged to have both the ICS CERT and the NSA presenting on the Sacramento ICS conference.

Public and private information sharing is paramount and events provide all industry stakeholders that opportunity to educate, learn and engage.

The agenda is below, registrations are at

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