Monday, 25 July 2016

Cyber actors are becoming bolder in targeting Industrial Control Systems

Our critical national infrastructure is facing an ongoing, persistent threats of cyber attack from other states, terrorists and criminals operating in cyberspace.

Cyber actors are becoming bolder in targeting the ICS that run our energy systems. The lines between IT and OT are blurring as cyber and physical domains converge. In order to mitigate the compounding cyber risk, public and private entities need to collaborate and share information more effectively, we need to further develop a culture of awareness within our organisations, address the current skills gap as well as further our capabilities in monitoring, detection and response. 

The Cyber Senate will be addressing key issues this fall in London England and Sacramento California, with world renowned subject matter experts, key infrastructure operators and leading Government authorities combining their knowledge and insight to forge a roadmap for Critical National Infrastructure resilience. 

3rd Annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe 
27/28 September 

Pre Conference Workshops 26 September free to Operators
Copthorne Tara Kensington London

Headline Sponsors Lockheed Martin
Co Sponsors Airbus and Darktrace
Silver Sponsors PA Consulting Group
Workshop Sponsors HS&TC

Media Partners 
CCI, the Industrial Cybersecurity Centre
Defence Suppliers


3rd Annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA
4/5 October 

Pre Conference Workshops 3 October free to Operators
Sutter Club Sacramento California

Sponsors include PA Consulting Group
Dispersive Technologies

Bayshore Networks

Media Partners
CCI, the Industrial Cybersecurity Centre
Defence Suppliers

To Sponsor or Exhibit, or if you have registration questions call us or email
Daryl Fig
UK/Europe show    +44 (0)20 7096 1754
USA show  +1-(916)-290-9329

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