Sunday, 5 June 2016


In light of increasing awareness of the threat that cyber-attacks pose to energy infrastructure, the third annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA conference will take place in California later this year.

Taking place in Sacramento from October 3rd to October 5th 2016, the conference will bring together leading cyber security talent from senior decision-makers such as Chief Information Officers, Heads of Information Security and Heads of Operational Technology.

Organised by Cyber Senate, a body dedicated to supporting partnerships and information-sharing in the cyber security industry, the event will focus on how to adapt to the changing landscape, in which the work of IT and operational topics is inextricably intertwined and how to manage day-to-day processes, such as the security issues that arise from procurement and working with supply chains.

The conference is still accepting paper submissions and key speakers already booked to speak at the event include:

·       Chris Blask, Director of Webster University’s Cyberspace Research Institute(CRI)
·       Andy Bochman, Senior Cyber and Energy Security Strategist, Idaho National Lab
·       Keri Glitch, Vice President, Cyber & Physical Security, AVANGRID
·       William Whitney III, Cyber Security and Compliance Manager, Garland Power & Light
Discussing the upcoming event, organiser James Nesbitt of Cyber Senate said: “Technological advances such as the Internet of Things have been great for our industry, but they create as many vulnerabilities as they do efficiencies. Systems that were previously exempt from the risk of cyber-attacks are now online, completely changing the way we need to think about security.
“This means that those tasked with protecting Critical National Infrastructure need to constantly refresh their skills and knowledge in order to ensure that they stay one step ahead of the hackers. We believe that information sharing is perhaps the most important tool we have in our armoury to protect our infrastructure from cyber threats and hope that, by bringing together leading subject matter experts from across the cyber security industry, this conference will help the sector develop a framework that can help to minimise the threat that cyber-attacks pose, both now and in the future.”

To view the guidelines for submitting papers, click here. Submissions can be made to
Venue: 1220 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
For media information, please visit: contact Daryl Fig 1-(916)-290-9329 or

About the Cyber Senate: The Cyber Senate is an exclusive network and information triage, creating a common voice for the Cyber Security industry. It regularly hosts events that provide guidance on pressing security issues across key Smart Infrastructure sectors such as Energy, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Transport and Healthcare to further progress public and private information sharing. The Cyber Senate is a strategic alliance partner with the ICS ISAC. For more information, visit:

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