Monday, 24 August 2015

The 2012 cyber attacks against Saudi Aramco

The Cyber Senate are pleased to be hearing quite possibly, the first ever case study from a former employee, on the 2012 Cyber Attacks on Saudi Aramco this September 29/30th in London and October 13/14th in Sacramento California.

Case Study: The 2012 cyber-attacks against Saudi Aramco and the Aramco family of affiliates was a major game changer in IT & ICS Security. The energy sector, relevant markets and governments worldwide shuddered. Although oil production wasn’t directly affected, business operations were greatly interrupted and remain so. This presentation is the story how I implemented the first IT Security unit for Aramco Overseas Company, a Saudi Aramco affiliate which provides all IT services for Saudi Aramco in South America and the EMEA region outside of Saudi Arabia.
  1. Cybergeddon 2012
  • Description of Shamoon and attack effects on the Aramco family
  1. Starting from Zero to Hero
  • An offer I couldn’t refuse after “The Incident”
  • Implementation of basic IT security
  • Recruitment of skilled in-house IT security staff
  1. Maturization -IT Security to the next level
  • Development of staff: hackers, lock pickers, geniuses and Harlem Shakers
  • Exercises and independent operational audits
  • Building the framework for a functional incident response team and CERT
  1. Lessons Learned
  • Twitter setbacks
  • Dealing with panic
  • What I would do different if I had a time machine

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