Tuesday, 5 May 2015

IT and OT incident response and recovery

The Cyber Senate will be providing two interactive Pre Conference Workshops in London England and in Sacramento California this Fall along side the 2nd Annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA and Europe events and wanted to ensure your IT and OT teams and specialists were invited to attend.
‘Why don’t they get it?’ Understanding the View from the Other Side of the Firewall

London UK, Monday September 28th Half Day Pre Conference Workshop, 9am-13:10 with Tim Harwood, Managing Director, HS and T Consultancy and Christina Kubecka, Former Group Leader, Aramco Overseas, Consultant and Founder HypaSec ^infinity.

Traditionally, IT and OT teams have been separated by the firewall. However, nowadays with everyone and everything connected to the internet such as the Internet of Things (IoT) in fourth generation SCADA computing and the greater use of COTS in ICS.
Security posture, risks, incident response and recovery are vastly different between the two similar technologies and teams.
It is only when teams come together and begin talking the same language will we be better prepared to face the external and internal threats as well as understanding the full extent of our vulnerabilities. Through discussions and interactive breakout sessions, the workshop will examine common mistakes and misconceptions made by teams when considering the ‘other side’ and help attendees to leave with a better understanding of how to take this back to their parent companies and put together a strategy for common understanding useable by all.

“The engineering art of injecting and managing Industrial Cyber Security within the entire life cycle of the control system”
Sacramento California, Monday October 12th Half Day Pre Conference Workshop, 9am-3pm with Ayman AL-Issa, Chief Technologist, Industrial Cyber Security, Booz Allen Hamilton

Limited to the first 10 registrants. 

While we talk a lot about industrial cyber problems there is a need to talk more about effective practical solutions. The workshop will highlight the importance of understanding the combination of the industrial cyber security, automation, and understanding plant production models in order to design the right cyber secure infrastructure and solutions. The session will also cover the important aspects that need to be addressed by the stakeholders to achieve the goals. Ayman will focus on covering a comprehensive overview of the practical approach for designing, injecting and implementing cyber security for the Industrial Control Systems from Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Stage to the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

Industrial Control Cyber Security Europe 
29/30 September, London Docklands
Pre Conference workshop 28th September
Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks, Codenomicon, Applied Risk
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Industrial Control Cyber Security USA 
13/14 October, Sacramento California
Pre Conference workshop 12th October
Headline Sponsors BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Co Sponsors Zscaler
Sponsors GE
Exhibitors Codeonomicon 
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Both conferences bring together presentations from international from leaders such as the Department of Homeland Security, Exelon, Sempra Energy, PG&E, Alliander, UK Office of Nuclear Regulation, National Grid, Southern California Edison, E Control Austria, ENISA, ETSI CEN CENELEC Smart Grid Working Group, California Water and Power Utility, Elektrilevi, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Alameda Municipal Power, NERC, Iberdola USA and more. 

Speaking and sponsorship requests contact, James Nesbitt, james.nesbitt@cybersenate.com 

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  1. Industrial cyber security is essential and you nicely explain all aspects of cyber security. Thanks for sharing


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