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“The engineering art of injecting and managing Industrial Cyber Security within the entire life cycle of the control system”

Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA Pre Conference Workshop announcement:

Half Day Pre Conference Workshop, Monday, October 12th, 9am-3pm
The Pre Conference Workshop can be booked independently or as part of your conference attendance. Please see the registration page. Questions? Call or email 916 692 0184 or
Overview of workshop
More than five years have passed after Suxnet and the world realized the need to protect critical infrastructures from the emerging threats. We live in the era of cyber war, hacktivism, and building electronic armies. While we talk a lot about industrial cyber problems there is a need to talk more about effective practical solutions. The workshop will highlight the importance of understanding the combination of the industrial cyber security, automation, and understanding plant production models in order to design the right cyber secure infrastructure and solutions. The session will also cover the important aspects that need to be addressed by the stakeholders to achieve the goals. Ayman will focus on covering a comprehensive overview of the practical approach for designing, injecting and implementing cyber security for the Industrial Control Systems from Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Stage to the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

Why you should attend
  • Why do we have to properly understand the plan operation when designing cyber security models and solutions for control systems
  • Learn how to embed industrial cyber security technical assurance in project lifecycle
  • Discuss the different types of critical infrastructures (energy, utilities, etc.) and how the type of operation is related to cyber security
  • Develop ideas on how to move into cyber security by design for the new control systems.
  • understand how to enhance industrial cyber security within existing control systems
  • What do you need to address before implementing cyber security solutions in the existing ICS systems

Program 9am-3pm

9.00 Registration & Coffee
10.00 Session 1
11.45 Break
12.30 Session 2
15.00 End of workshop

Workshop main bullets
  • Understanding the emerging cyber threats
  • Discuss the latest ICS reports and incidents including the lessons that shall be learned
  • Need for different industrial cyber security models for the different critical infrastructure
  • Who are the stakeholders and what is the role of each?
  • What are the important three Cs for effective cyber security?
  • Why do we need to understand plant operation when planning to secure the plants from cyber threats?
  • What are the pre-requisites that you must consider before implementing industrial cyber security?
  • How to engineer and enhance cyber security for an old plant?
  • Implementing Industrial Cyber Security by Design for the new plant or new automation system upgrades
  • Understanding the ISA99/IEC62443, and understanding the SILs and SALs
  • Why the Security Operation Center is must?
  • Impeding cyber security within the automation system/project life cycle

About the workshop host
Ayman-AL-Issa ICS oil and Gas workshop ICS Cyber Security USA
Ayman AL-Issa, Chief Technologist – Industrial Cyber Security, Booz Allen Hamilton
Ayman has over 22 years of experience in the fields of Automation, Information Technology, and Cyber Security.  He has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering in 1992 and verse in different backgrounds like industrial control systems, systems engineering, and building cyber security strategies and models. He is a member in the Cyber Security Advisory boards of top rated worldwide universities for the advancement of researches on industrial cyber security.  He is an active member in different international Security Innovation Alliances that are focused in a worldwide program for improving the security of industrial control systems by the close collaboration of the leading IT Security and industrial control system vendors.  He is also information contributor to the ISA99/IEC62443 Industrial Automation and Control Systems Cyber Security Standards, and he is currently leading workgroup 1 in the standard. Realizing that security measures are always behind the emerging cyber risks, he developed an ICS defense-in-depth industrial cyber security model that aims to early detection of threats based on security-through-vision-and-integration.  Ayman worked for ADMA-OPCO for 17 years and he was the Digital Oil Fields Cyber Security Advisor.  He joined Booz Allen Hamilton in 2014 as the Chief Technologist & Senior Advisor/Architect in Industrial Cyber Security – MENA.

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