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Cybersecurity and Power System resilience for Industrial Control

Two new presentation topics have been accepted for the Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe and USA conference this September and October, provided by Steve Brunasso, Manager of Cyber Security Burbank Water and Power.

Energy Operators can register two for the price one at the moment.

Advanced Control Network design and deployment for visible operations and cyber security assurance with software defined networks.
Control system networks have moved from traditional time division technologies such as SONET rings to Ethernet edges with Multi Protocol Labeling and Switching cores.  The next evolution is Software Defined Networking that can make the network dance with isolated virtual circuits while also providing full wire-speed fire walling, load balancing, packet manipulation and intrusion detection capabilities.  CWP has developed a monitoring network based upon SDN that will allow us to see all interactions on the network for both operations reliability and cyber detection capability. 

Integration of Operations Data and Command and Control messages to ensure cyber security and power system resilience.
CWP is building operational tools that integrate PMU measured power flow data, DNP3 SCADA messaging, and system power models to ensure that the grid is operating as expected and in a known state at all times.  Abnormal power flows with related SCADA commands may be operator error or cyber actors.  This system will detect events and potentially be able to reverse the attack and maintain power stability in future versions.
    - Power system operations models
    - SCADA command, control and data acquisition data
    - Phase measurement units
     - to provide a normal system awareness model for the entire power system

Don't miss this opportunity gain further understanding on how Energy companies are securing their infrastructure and mitigating cyber and physical risk this September 29/30 in London and October 13/14 in Sacramento California. 

Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe
September 29th and 30th
London United Kingdom
Pre Conference Workshop September 28th with Tim Harwood of HS&T
Why don’t they get it?’ Understanding the View from the Other Side of the Firewall

Palo Alto Networks
Applied Risk
Operators register 2 for the price of 1 limited offer

Thought Leaders include
  • Robert Orr, Head of Information- & Cyber Security Regulation, Office for Nuclear Regulation 
  • Graham Wright, CISO and Global Head of Digital Risk, National Grid
  • Maksim Gluhhovtsenko, Information Security Officer, Elektrilevi OÜ
  • Jean Pierre Mennella, Co Chair, CEN CENELEC ETSI
  • Raj Samani, VP EMEA, CTO, McAfee, Member advisory board Europol Cybercrime Centre
  • Evangelous Ouzounis, Head of Secure Infrastructure and Services Unit, European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA)
  • Philip Irschik, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors at the Austrian National Regulatory Authority E-Control
  • Johan Rambi, Privacy & Security advisor GRC, Alliander
  • Steve Brunasso, Manager of Cyber Security, Burbank Water and Power
  • Chris Kubecka, Private Researcher, Security EvangelistEU 
  • Codenomicon, speaker to be announced

Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA
October 13th and 14th

Pre Conference Workshop October 12th with Ayman Al Issa
"The engineering art of injecting and managing Industrial Cyber Security within the entire life cycle of the control system" limited to the first 10 bookings.

Hyatt Regency 

Sacramento California

Headline Sponsors BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Co Sponsors Zscaler
Lunch Sponsors GE
Sponsors Codenomicon

Operators register 2 for the price of 1 limited offer


Thought Leaders
  • Marty Edwards, ICS CERT Director, Department of Homeland Security
  • Tim Roxey, Chief Security Officer Senior Director, NERC
  • Keri Glitch, Vice President - Corporate Security, Iberdrola USA
  • Ayman Al Issa, Chief Technologist & Senior Advisor, Industrial Cyber Security,
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Scott King, Manager Information Security, Sempra Utilities
  • Billy Glenn, Principal Enterprise Architect, PG&E  
  • Glenn Stieger, General Manager, Alameda Municipal Power
  • Rene Moreda, Director of Business Development, Energy & Utilities, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
  • Chris Kubecka, Security Evangelist EU, Private Researcher, Group Leader
  • Doug Rhoades, Cybersecurity GM and Chief Engineer, Southern California Edison
  • Steve Brunasso, Manager of Cyber Security, Burbank Water and Power
  • Mike Ahmadi, Global Director of Critical Systems Security, Codenomicon


Delegate block bookings contact
Content and Commercial interests contact James Nesbitt
Europe +44 (0)207 096 1754
USA +1 916 692 0184


The Cyber Senate is the security arm of Sagacity-Media Ltd
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08753316, England & Wales

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