Monday, 1 December 2014

In 2015 Asset information and availability become king through the Internet of Things.

2014 has seen some pretty amazing cybersecurity breaches, new vulnerabilities,  sectors attacked that previously seemed isolated from such threats (Cars, Weather Stations? Medical Devices, electric vehicle charging stations), and yet in the name of efficiency, as a society we will continue to pursue the most effective ways possible to mitigate climate change, implement demand response mechanisms and strive to create a technologically, interconnected future for the next generation, to ensure well.. their security.
A double edged sword with legitimate arguments on both sides of the fence.
There are many predictions of cyber security in 2015, however we believe the biggest threat, or challenge, for the foreseeable future will be securing the Internet of Things, and the mass proliferation of M2M devices. Already we are seeing every city, every home, every business and eventually every person and all infrastructure, connected.
All of our energy systems will be connected. It has been and continues to be a implementation challenge, but the likelihood of any Board of Directors or operational leaders that will turn away the opportunity to maximise efficiency, profitability and enhance availability of their resources to end users, will be slim to nil.

In 2015 Asset information and availability become king through the Internet of Things.
We encourage you to take part in forums, conferences, webinars and research where ever possible to ensure security by design, talk to each other and share your insight and disclose information that will enhance resiliency. 
Which brings us to two very important events. Both are filling fast off of the success of 2014's content and authoritative thought leaders. We are accepting and reviewing abstracts, aligning our commercial partners and registrations are already open for those of you who can plan this far ahead and wish to save.
If you have questions, call me at +44 (0)207 096 1754 or 916 692 0184 and ask for James Nesbitt, or

Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA
October 13th and 14th 2015
Sacramento California
We are proud to announce we will be joined by Chris Kubecka, Security Evangelist and Head of Operations Control Centre, Aramco Overseas in 2015. 

Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe
September 29th and 30th 2015
London England
Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks
Presentation slots and sponsorship is now limited to select partners

Contact James Nesbitt, Director,
Cyber Senate
+44(0)207 096 1754
+44(0)207 096 5081

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