Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe and USA conference presentations available

The Cybersenate facilitated to highly interactive ICS Cybersecurity conferences in September and October 2014 in both Europe and the USA, further encouraging public and private information sharing and strategic assessment of vulnerabilities across IT and OT spectrums, as well as skills gaps and cultural and regulatory barriers.

Our intelligence from both regions is now available for download. Please contact Marketing@sagacity-media.com for any interests


Please contact us to get access to intelligence and whitepaper reports. Please be advised by requesting access you will be automatically added to the Newsletter and Events notification databases. If you DO NOT want to be added, please let us know when submitting your information.
The Cyber Senate reserves the right to restrict access to any individual or organisation. We vet every request carefully before providing access to any information.
Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe conference presentations
 industrial control cyber security europeIncluding:
The development of Standardisation of cybersecurity controls and processes -NIST
European Roadmap on cybersecurity standardisation for the ICS Energy Sector – ETSI CEN CENELEC
Heartbleed: What is the impact and what do you need to know? – CODENOMICON
Evolution of ICS Security from a DSO Perspective – ELEKTRILEVI
Headlong into insecurity- Why security will play catch up to convenience in IOT – CISCO
Resilience and Digital Interconnection dependency – STEDIN
Integration from Substation to data centre – SCOTTISH AND SOUTHERN ENERGY
Defending ICS from Cyber threats with Next Generation Security – PALO ALTO NETWORKS
What tripped my power plant? – GDF SUEZ LABORELEC
Methodology of offshore rig testing – PWC
IT/OT Security Transformation – UNITED UTILITIES
Industrial Security – A changing landscape – SIEMENS
Defence in Depth, from ICS and IT through to HR and Physical resilience – NOT AVAILABLE STAFFORDSHIRE WATER
Confessions of a IT/OT Hacker – SECURITY EVANGELIST EU
Industrial Control Cybersecurity considerations for Smart City Barcelona- SMART CITY BARCELONA
Validating your defences – UNAVAILABLE.

Industrial Control Cybersecurity USA  conference presentations
industrial control cyber security USA

Realising the Roadmap vision: Ensuring security and resilience in todays changing world – DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
The Development and Standardisation of cybersecurity controls and processes – NIST
Maintaining IT/OT Automation in the face of increased threats – BAE SYSTEMS
Electricity Subsector cybersecurity – SACRAMENTO MUNICIPAL UTILITIES DISTRICT
Creating a converged OT/IT Architecture – PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC
Effective methodologies for protecting oil and gas infrastructures from emerging cyber threats – ADMA OPCO
Combining physical security and IT-OT convergence to tranform cybersecurity for critical infrastructures – ALERT ENTERPRISE
Heartbleed- What is the impact and what do you need to know? – CODENOMICON
Cross sector roadmap for cybersecurity for industrial control systems – NERC
Continous Control – CISCO
Integrating failure scenarios into your risk assessment process – EPRI
Understanding ICS Active defenses- QUALYS
Lies, Damned lies and statistics – Malware indicator correlation as part of a security intelligence function- NCI SECURITY
Leveraging Cybersecurity controls and processes across critical infrastructure industries – NYU
Cybersecurity IT/OT Challenges San Onfree Nuclear Generation Station – SAN ONOFRE NUCLEAR GENERATION STATION

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