Friday, 1 August 2014

Designing and maintaining industrial control systems

Every country relies on critical infrastructure to provide essential services – underpinning many of these important functions are Industrial control systems (ICS). As the threat of cyber attacks has increased, those responsible for designing and maintaining these systems have had to think more and more about security. The ICS Cyber Security Conference provides the perfect environment for ICS specialists and security practitioners to meet and discuss the unique challenge involved in securing our Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

As a company that delivers solutions to government and commercial customers to help secure the CNI, we at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence value the opportunity to participate in ICS Cyber Security Conference. It creates an environment in which we can continue learning about the latest challenges our clients are facing as well as providing the opportunity to discuss our views on security best practices.

Colin McKinty
Vice President of Cyber Security Strategy, Americas
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

To learn more about the Industrial Control Cyber Security conference USA and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, please visit the conference website at 

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