Thursday, 19 June 2014

IT/OT Converged technology: The Cyber Security challenge for the Energy and Water sector Europe

Why you should attend:

Understand the challenges and solutions Oil, Gas, Electricity and Water companies face with integrated enterprise interfaces

Witness a demonstration from the founders of Heartbleed, hear about the  impact and find out what you need to know to secure your infrastructure

IT/OT Converged technology - Integration from substation to data centre: Key insight from the second largest supplier of electricity and natural gas in the United Kingdom, and the UK's largest generator of renewable energy.

Hear and debate a unique case study where a European plant experienced inexplicable load changes and was actually shut down. Was it a cyber attack or a failure of interconnected systems?

Defence in Depth – Hear from leading Utilities as they share their strategies from ICS and IT through to HR and physical resilience

Learn new methodologies for offshore Industrial Control rig testing 

Gain insight into the development and standardization of cyber security controls and processes

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