Sunday, 22 June 2014

Industrial Control Cyber Security IT/OT security transformation- how we control and secure change

Industrial Control Cyber Security EuropeSeptember 29th and 30th London

Learn how leading Utility, Oil and Gas and Water Operators are embracing the evolution of Industrial Control Cyber Security and IT and OT security transformation, this September 29th and 30th in London, as they provide in-depth insight into how their organisations are controlling and securing change.
Join NIST, Scottish and Southern Energy, Alliander, GDF Suez Laborelec, Stedin, Electrilevi, Codenomicon, Staffordshire and Cambridge Water, United Utilities and more as we provide case studies and interactive roundtables from Operational and IT technology leaders on front line discussing:
  • Defence in Depth, from ICS and IT through to HR and physical resilience
  • IT/OT security transformation- how we control and secure change
  • Heartbleed- What is the impact and what do you need to know (Demonstrations)
  • Awareness and management support
  • Roots of organisational security issues
  • Technology within the IT environment, maturity against a backdrop of continued cyber threat
  • Regulatory barriers to cyber security
  • Situational awareness in Control Center
  • Consequences of Oil and Gas attacks, prevention and testing
  • Securing Smart Grid 
  • Integration from Sub Station to Data Center
  • Network monitoring and intrusion detection
Roundtable discussions include:
  • Staffordshire and Cambridge Water lead "Vulnerabilities within the procurement process." 
  • "Methodologies for Offshore Oil Rig Testing," lead by Duncan Page who was previously involved in protecting electricity supply for global sporting events in the face of threatened cyber disruption for a major electricity distributor that had split from its parent company in the UK.
  • NIST will lead a Roundtable on the "NCCOE approach" which assists to address identified business problems and derived requirements.

    Register now while positions remain. This event is capped at 120 attendees to ensure the quality of face to face networking and engagement.

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