Monday, 5 May 2014

Cyber Security for automated processes and process controls in our critical infrastructure

Industrial Control Security Energy 2014

The degree of interconnectivity in the pursuit of efficiency, has left national and global security dependent on the reliable functioning of automated processes and process controls in our critical infrastructure. Public and Private partnerships are now required to work closely in developing the expertise to monitor, mitigate and prepare countermeasures as the degree of automation and interconnection today "invalidates many of the distinctions that have been prevalent in past cyber security activities." (-NIST)
The Cyber Senate invites you to join us as we address current threat vectors, vulnerabilities, risk management, IT versus OT, data management, forensic analysis strategies and more, along with technical sessions led by leading cyber security industry leaders who will be demonstrating both impact and the process of an attack with key insight into solutions.
Both events have been developed with the guidance of Cyber Senate members. You can learn more about us here:
We have confirmed a Heartbleed presentation and demonstration from Codenomicon and are inviting leading Utilities, Oil and Gas, and industry leaders to present. 
Invitations and final confirmations outstanding include: Adnoc, Shell, SMUD, ConEdison, CLP Hong Kong, NIST, DOE, Alliander, PG&E, Seattle Light, Enexis, Exelon, NYISO, Iberdrola and many more.
If you are interested in presenting or sponsoring, please ensure you contact James Nesbitt +44 (0) 207 096 1754 or while positions remain. 

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